Thursday, 26 February 2009

Wednesday Stamper Silhouette Challenge

I did this card for Wednesday Stampers Silhouette Challenge , not sure I know how to upload it to the group. The background is done with Alcohol inks then stamped using a Katies Corner stamp, the flourish is from a newly acquired Cuttlebug die as is the corner.

Split Coast Stampers Sketch Challenge 25.2.09

This is the card I made for the Wednesday challenge on Split Coast Stampers not sure I like the sketch The stamps I used are from Crafty Individuals and the flourish is a Sizzlets die I've just bought.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


Can't believe I haven't posted for over a year, not very good at this lark, I've always been the same, have started numerous journals in the past only to eventually dwindle out. Don't know whether I'm just not organised or that I haven't got a lot of time.
In all fairness I have had a few changes to my life in the last year. In August I moved house and what an upheaval that was besides being very expensive, I'm happier in this place and I've now got a little Lakeland terrier, she's gorgeous, although being a rescue dog she has had a few problems which I'm gradually sorting out with a vet who specialises in dog pyschology.
For most of last year I dieted with the help of Weight Watchers and I managed to loose 3 stone, so I'm now a trim size 12 instead of a size 18. Wasn't an easy thing to do especially as I have a back problem which prevents me doing exercise.
My back is especially bad at the moment, I'm having lots of problems walking, apparently the vertebrae are out of alignment and pressing on nerves. I'm to have a Spinal Fusion operation, in which the surgeon puts a metal post and screws in my spinal column to fix one vertebrae to the next. It will stop the affected vertebrae moving in the future and hopefully deal with the pain I'm having. I do hope this is the last spinal operation, I've had 3 previous ops and I don't wan't any more.
I even went off stamping for a while and thought I would concentrate on Textile Art instead but I'm glad to say it was a temporary glitch and I'm back to stamping although still interested in textile art.
It was my birthday last week, another year older, why do the years go so fast the older you get? I went out for a meal with my sister on the day and am going out with my daughter Nicola on Friday night, I'm hoping my son Paul can join us but that's not certain yet.
I'm going to upload a few photographs of my dog to show you how sweet she is.